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6 December, 2016

Apple App Store (iOS)


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Can you escape from the world of mazes that is Departed? Are you up for a challenge like never before seen on the iPhone? Departed is just the game for you! Departed is a unique cross between a puzzle and strategy designed with engaging visuals. You play a robot that must escape through a series of complicated mazes by teleporting and floor hopping around 3D dimensional and multi floored levels to reach the end. It’s like 3D chess…only more fun! Departed is unlike any game available on the App Store as it challenges your brain in an enjoyable and exciting way. The best part is that Departed is suitable for all ages. But what makes Departed truly revolutionary is the brand new multiplayer mode where you can race or play tag against your friends or challenge someone else from around the world. But unlike most mobile games, this experience is more like a game console, as you play against your opponent live. No more need to take your move and wait days for them to respond (or forget they were playing), you get instance gratification. What’s even more enjoyable is using a power-up to make your opponent move like a snail or freeze them in time and watching them struggle in ‘real-time’.


In December 2015, Josh and colleague began discussing developing a new game. At this point Daniel Chalkley joined Incket Interactive and together they started to plan what type of game we were going to make. In mid December Josh and Daniel thought of the idea to create a puzzle/maze game that spanned across 3-dimensions. And so began a journey to develop this new game from concept to final product. The entire game was developed in our spare time around working full-time, studying, and getting married/engaged. On December 6th, 2016 Departed was released to the iTunes App Store for free worldwide.


  • Arcade mode with 144 levels (new levels coming soon)
  • Story mode coming soon
  • Multiplayer modes - race and tag (capture the flag coming soon)
  • Full support for leaderboards and achievements
  • In app purchases lets you buy power-ups for multiplayer mode


Gameplay video YouTube



There are currently no logos or icons available for Departed. Check back later for more or contact us for specific requests!

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About Incket Interactive Pty. Ltd.

We're are very small (just two of us) independent game developer based in Brisbane, Australia. We are both employed in full-time jobs and write games and applications on the side as a hobby.

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Departed Credits

Josh Carius
Game Development, Incket Interactive Pty. Ltd.

Daniel Chalkley
Game Development, Incket Interactive Pty. Ltd.

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